Learn Thai Language at the School for Adults of every Nationality

"In life, few things are more important than communicating well. 

That's why our students choose us."

NOTE: Starting September 16th, AUA Thai classes will be temporarily held at AUA Esplanade Kae-Rai branch. Lessons will run Mon-Thu from 11AM - 5PM.

Thai Fluency Course 

We teach using the ALG Approach. This has been used with great success in our Thai Program since 1984 and in teaching Japanese here from 1997 - 2013. It's based on looking for understanding. When you don't already know the words, you must watch to understand. Our teachers create experiences and make them understandable all the while using Thai language that's matched to what you see. In this way, you gain much more than what a mere language class can provide. We are providers of real-life experience! - Your ability with the new language and culture will grow in a natural and efficient way from the accumulation of your experiences. The Thai Fluency Course is divided into three parts, depending on what you want to learn.

Beginner (400 Hours) - Begining with games, short stories and a wide variety of activities, this level provides you with real basics - the sounds, grammar, vocabulary and tones so that your brain can really begin to assemble the language naturally and effortlessly. 

Intermediate (400 Hours) - Intermediate class structure changes and becomes more subject oriented. The visual input is still there but diminished from the Beginner level. Our Intro to Reading and Writing classes begin during this time. Understanding of the content comes from both eyes and ears, the language content expands, and vocabulary grows rapidly, even though it may not always feel that way.

Advanced - (400 Hours) - For those who really want to master Thai, these classes can take you all the way. The subject matter is now much more in-depth and comprehensive. As normal, we still have fun, and the classes take on a more lecture-style format. 

In 1,200, hours you will gain the foundation to fluency. With this foundation, you can develop your Thai ability to excel to any degree you want. This is the perfect foundation for anyone who expects to make Thailand a permanent part of their life.

Enroll on-line and receive a free hour when you arrive here.